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You will remove the stress  and rustiness of your body thanks to various kinds of massages. Use the opportunity and experience our massages...

Bamboo massage      45´    
Unique massage technique that has relaxing and drainage properties. In Eastern cultures bamboo was always regarded as a precious symbol of youth and strength. Essential elements of the massage are special smooth bamboo poles of varying size and original massage coconut oil. Each bamboo is specially designed for a given part of the body in order to maximize pressure level. Bamboo pole can achieve a thorough muscle relaxation, ensuring long-lasting effect of the massage

Malibu cocktail massage  60'
Unforgettable pleasant experience for your senses and relaxation, mixed in the form of a coconut cocktail, which consists of the following ingredients - natural coconut peeling, massage with nourishing oils mixed with Malibu liqueur for perfect relaxation of muscles. The procedure ends with gentle massage of the skin with coconut butter lotion.

Havana rum massage     60´      
Substantial oils in the combination with Cuban rum fully congest and relieve stiffed muscles and congestion stress, nice aroma, ambience and touches transmit you to sunny distances. A warming-up cup of Cuban rum waits for you at the beginning of the massage.

Swedish hour massage 60'

Whole body regenerating massage belongs to the most popular massages. Its aim is to eliminate fatigue, muscle relaxation, relieve pain and tension, increase blood circulation and support the regenerative capacity of the body.

Lava stone Massage*   60´   
This stimulates bloodstream and lymphatic system, successively overheats the whole body, it helps in detoxication of organism, balances the energy in body.

Chocolate Massage*    45´   
Exclusive massage involving relaxation, peeling, massage and wrap that improves tonus and smoothness of the skin and slows down the aging process.

Exclusive whole-body massage*    45´         
Whole-body massage for perfect regeneration of your body and soul, supplemented by music therapy and aroma therapy consisting of backmassage, nape massage andmassage of upper and low limbs.

LOMI-LOMI Hawaiian Massage     45´    
Full body massage with smooth, rhythmic movement, in which the therapist is using forearms and hands. Through stretching, pressure and rotary techniques is released blocked energy,from the various joints and there is a feeling of general relaxation.

Aromatherapeutic oil massage    30´   
Combination of touches and aroma effects the organism beneficially and the massage effects depend on the selected essential oil:
- mandarin – positive inflammatory and anticonvulsant effect, psychic stimulant
- levandule – positive influence at brain-fag, insomnia and migraine, for blood pressure decreasing
- ylang-ylang – aphrodisiac and sedative effects
- mountain pine – positive effects on rheumatism, arthralgia and arthrosis
Honey massage   30´   
During the honey massage the healing power strength of bee honey effects through skin directly on organism; old sediments of body tissues are sucked from body tissues thanks pumping touches. The massage has beneficial detoxicative, regenerative and nutritive effects on your skin.
Foot reflexology massage    30´     
The pressure massage affects certain body parts through reflex zones of your feet. By stimulating some of the reflex zones, it is possible to improve the overall metabolic processes, positively affecting back pain and feet pain. The effect of this procedure is similar to the "light feet” feeling.

Manual lymphatic drainage – body    30´   
Manual lymphatic drainage – body*    45´    
This special touch technique aimed at influencing the lymphatic system is very effective for quick elimination of tiredness, lymphedema and detoxication, it is necessary to consult the extent of lymphodrenage with your therapist. Duration of the treatment will depend on your health condition.
Anti-cellulite massage     30´    
Anti-cellulite massage*   45´  
Special massage techniques with features of lymphatic drainage for removal of cellulite from gluteal muscles and lower extremities.
Vacuum-compression therapy on back    30´      
Massage using glass flusks, it effects immunity increase, improves bloodstream and lymphatic system function, it easies pains in the back musculature

Underwater Massage**    20´   
Massage of the whole body by water pressure. The client’s body is immersed in healing natural water at 35-37 °C. The massage brings excellent relaxing and anticellulite results especially from its effects on the skeletal muscle, circulation system and lymphatic system.
Partial classical massage    15´    
Partial classical massage    30´         
System of massage touches (friction, wiping, grinding, kneading, pounding, vibration) performed on the client’s body by the masseur with curative and relaxation aim

Manual lymphatic drainage of face and decollettage    30´   
Manual lymphatic drainage of face and decollettage*   45´    
Special massage with sedative, analgetic and spasmolytic effect to bloodstream, it serves to face and decollettage beautification
Anti-stress facial massage    30´    
At pleasant relaxation music and smoothing touches you will forget the everyday stress
Japan relaxing massage    30´    
This very comfortable relaxing and harmonising massage will help you achieve the perfect harmony of your body and soul.


Romantic couples massage 30´   
Classical massage for you and for your partner with candlelights.
Romantic couple massage with lava stones *   45´    
Massage for you and your partner is an unforgettable experience in romantic atmosphere with candlelights. The stone power will balance energy of your bodies.

Romantic whirlpool bath with sparkling wine    30´    
Whole-body relaxation bath in thermal water including whirling massage for you and your partner in pleasant atmosphere with sparkling wine drinking.
* In order to strengthen effects and feelings from the massage a cup of tea is waiting for you.


Whirlpool bath + dry wrap 30 '
Common whole-body relaxation bath in thermal water combined with whirlpool water massage by means of water and air jets

Atlantis bath - herbal bath + dry wrap 20 '
Full body hydro massage bath in thermal water enriched with 85% herbal extract, salt from the Dead Sea and natural essential oils. Great feeling from the bath is enhanced by 172 jets, which apply the massage on the entire body from feet up to the cervical spine. Clients can choose the herbal extract with following effects: scrub, lemongrass, lavender or mint

Biarritz bath - herbal bath + dry wrap 20  '
Full body massage with a mixture of warm thermal water and air: using 143 water jets divided by reflex zone of human body into 5 curative zones from feet up to the cervical spine.

Pearl bath + dry wrap 20 '

Gentle form of massage under water applied on whole body using compressed air.

Oil pearl bath + dry wrap 20 '

Soft stimulating form of underwater massage, in which special mechanisms disperse nourishing aromatherapy oils.

Carbon bath + dry wrap 20 '
Application of carbon dioxide in thermal water. During the bath a continuous layer of CO2 bubbles is formed on the immersed section of the body, which causes overheating and pleasant blood circulation, resulting in the rejuvenation of the skin, degradation of cellulite and optimization of the blood pressure.

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