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Sauna world

The spa also provides a complex of sauna facilities and steam baths situated in a marvellous environment of oriental style. 

These types of steam baths and saunas you can find in our Sauna World:


Tepidarium will start and strenghten your immunity system. Consistent warming up to the agreeable temperature, will start to release toxins and other waste material from your body. The agreeable temperature with suitable humidity and aroma enable to relax. Sauna is available at the beginning of your stay in Sauna world.
Temperature: 36 – 38 °C
Relative humidity: 60%
Effect: relaxing, regenerative, strengthening your immunity

Arabic sauna

It is an eucalyptus steam bath approximately 45°C warm. It quickly evokes the overall relaxation and especially muscle and joint relaxation. A specific light effect provides favourable conditions for psychical relaxation.
Temperature: 44 – 45 °C
Relative humidity: 100%
Effect: relaxing, strengthens your immunity, positive effects on respiratory diseases

Salt sauna

A salt steam bath that thanks to the salt from Dead Sea helps not only to respiratory system. The salt silted on the skin also provides natural peeling and disinfection of the skin.
Temperature: 44 – 45 °C
Relative humidity: 100%
Effect: relaxing, disinfective, a natural peeling for the whole body, strengthens your immunity

Herbal sauna

A steam bath with an enjoyable essence reminding the fresh air of wood. It predominantly affects airways, relaxation of bronchial involuntary muscles resulting in deepened breathing and better oxidization of the organism.
Temperature: 44 – 45 °C
Relative humidity: 100%
Effect: relaxing, regenerative, strengthens your immunity

Menthol sauna

Steam bath combined with aromatherapy, which uses the effect of the fragrance composition containing natural menthol with beneficial effects on breathing, movement and nervous systems.Steam bath is complemented by a so-called.steam shock for increased sweating.
Temperature: 42 to 45 °C
Relative Humidity: 100%
Effect: relaxing, regenerative, antiseptic, stimulant, boosting the immune system

Finnish sauna

A classical hot sauna with lower humidity. It brings the relaxation of muscles of locomotive apparatus resulting in overall relaxation. High air temperature increases the perspiration of the body enabling the elimination of toxic substances from the body. It also makes an immune system resistant against various infection diseases.
Temperature: 85 – 100 °C
Relative humidity: from 10 %
Effect: relaxing, regenerative, strengthens your immunity, overall physical and mental relief


Cold plunge pool

Cooling of the body after a hot sauna is an essential part of hardening of the body. During the immersion in the cold plunge, the blood vessels constrict and blood pressure increases, what actually functions as vessel gymnastics. After cooling down, you will experience pleasant feelings of relaxation.

Temperature: 12 - 15°C
Depth: 1,3 m
Effects: regeneration, relaxation, strengthens the immune system, overall physical and mental relief

Relaxation room

Relaxation room

The part of the Sauna world is the relaxation room. The agreeable atmosphere, relaxation music, heat effects, pack in the special bed will help you to achieve total relaxation.

Sauna World effects:

Beautifying effects:
  • rejuvenating and cosmetic effects 
  • beneficial effects of steam baths on the skin regeneration/reactivation 
  • skin peeling (especially in the salt bath) 
  • cleaning of skin pores 
  • overall skin moisturizing
Relaxing effects and prevention:
  • body and soul regeneration and relaxation effects 
  • strenghtening of anti-stress mechanisms 
  • improvement of thermoregulation
  • improvement of immune and defensive abilities of the body
Curative effects:
  • chronic diseases resulting from colds and disposition to them 
  • chronic non-specific diseases of airways 
  • neurovegetative and psychosomatic dysfunctional conditions 
  • vegetative-conditioned cardiovascular diseases 
  • hypotension and regulative stage of hypertension diseases 
  • chronic functional defects of digestion apparatus 
  • malfunction of lipid digestion /obesity/ 
  • chronic skin diseases 
  • chronic inflammatory and degenerative diseases of locomotion apparatus
  • chronic inflammation of genito-urinary 
  • chronic inflammation of female genitals, ovarial dysfunctions, sterility 
  • climacteric syndroms if the woman is able to undergo hypertermic procedures

Our natural esoteric oils:
We use exclusively natural essences and oils which together with curative heat and agreeable environment have relaxation effects.

If you are interested in entering the Water World and Sauna World, you are suggested to enquire in advance about its availability at the Main Desk of the Aphrodite Spa House (+421 41 5494 832).

Opening hours SPA sauna

SUNDAY - THURSDAY 09:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
FRIDAY - SATURDAY 09:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.

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